Thank You to Give and Receive!

July 25, 2014



PCL is honored to work with many partner organizations. One of those organizations is Give and Receive. They have recently matched one of our house parties and have been consistently working to connect us with donors and philanthropic entities. PCL would like to say a big THANKS to Give and Receive. Click the link below to go to their website and read more about them below.

Give & Receive is a US federal tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to improve the way individuals and businesses give time, money and other resources to various charitable causes. Focused on eleven (11) key areas, ranging from children’s issues to global economic empowerment, the organization partners with strong charities operating in various regions of the world.
Simply put, we connect resources to needs around the world. We verify legitimate organizations and couple them with devoted people of all ages who have a passion for giving. Most importantly, we understand that when people give time, money or other resources, they also receive.

Notably, 100% of fees donated through Give & Receive programs go directly to the designated charities as Give & Receive does not add administrative fees or other charges for the growing non-profit organizations it assists in raising funds or finding volunteers. Instead, Give & Receive covers its operating costs through private donations, and by offering value-added services to business owners.