We are a community for good.

We believe all people deserve the chance for a better future. From South Alabama to Southeast Asia, we implement replicable projects that give hope to communities that need it most.

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Children’s Homes

Restoring Lives

Our goal is to provide a family atmosphere dedicated to the holistic development of our children, address a child’s basic survival needs and provide an atmosphere of love, security, dignity, and family. 

This, in turn, provides the emotional and physical infrastructure that every child needs to feel confident and empowered to dream and reach beyond the cultural norm – which for most Cambodians is a cycle of poverty, broken families, and dysfunction. We want our children to become agents of change – first in their own lives and then in the broader world around them. Our goal is not only to meet basic needs, but to ultimately raise new leaders. 

Locations: Siem Reap-Cambodia, Colombo-Sri Lanka, Chiang Mai-Thailand

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Sustainable Farming

Stimulating Economies

PCL’s sustainable farming is a series of micro-enterprise projects designed to create a culture of self-sufficiency, responsibility, and growth in multiple villages in Cambodia. The concept for our farming is easy: everything in our farming communities is mutually beneficial and all projects rely on one another. Our farming initiatives include 

  • a Rice Bank in which local villagers borrow rice for the planting season and pay it back to the bank with interest during harvest
  • The Mushroom Project in which women are trained to grow and sell mushrooms as their own business
  • pig farming, a fish pond, farmer education, water filter technology, and the raising of ducks, geese, and chickens

Takam Integrated Training Farm

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Community Development

Build A City

The goal of Community Development is to rebuild a community that has lost everything — to give people new homes, roads, jobs, lives, and hope. We are Developing a Community from Scratch.

Well Drilling

Water Filtration

Homes For Widows

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Educational Centers

Eradicating poverty through education.

We believe education is at the root of all sustainable communities. Without education, our communities cannot grow and the people in them cannot flourish and have a chance at a better life. We provide various levels of education to people all around Cambodia to help provide a holistic solution to the cycle of poverty. We are involved in multiple education institutions, scholarship programs, micro-enterprise projects, and teaching seminars including the PCL Management Institute, Emmanuel Village Primary School, PCL Myammar, and the English Learning Center. 

PCL Learning Center
PCL Management Institute
Takam Community School
Academic Village

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Common Grounds Cafe

Building Sustainability.

Common Grounds Café is a social enterprise that hires men and women from impoverished areas across Cambodia and provides them with on-the-job training.We are not about profits, but people. The idea behind Common Grounds Coffee Shop is very simple — provide a place where common ground can be discovered and relationships made.

Website: http://commongroundscafes.org

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