Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming is a series of micro-enterprise projects designed to create a culture of self-sufficiency, responsibility, and growth in multiple villages across Cambodia.

Stimulating Economies

At the core of all we do at PCL is sustainability. We want to implement replicable projects that create long-lasting results. Not only do we want to help the people of Cambodia, but we want to teach them to help themselves. We want the people of Cambodia to have ownership of these projects and want them to become flourishing members of their community. 

In partnership with the Lee University Business Department, we have created an Integrated Farm in which all animals and processes rely on one another. For example, when rice is cleaned, the husks are used for feed for animals. The farm is meant to teach the locals in the Takam Village in Cambodia to be self-sufficient and to stimulate the local economy. The farm includes pigs, chickens, a fish pond, fruit trees, and soy plants. Our farm helps about 150 people each month with farming practices. Our Integrated Farm has a regular staff of four people from PCL, but hires contractors for other services in hopes of boosting the local economy. 

Takam Integrated Training Farm